A short list of shared grounds in world football

Sharing football grounds can generate spectacular atmospheres, and this short article investigates a few of those instances.

One of the most popular arenas across the world, the Maracanã, holds three different football clubs in the football crazy state of Brazil. This ground is popular across the whole world for its size and importance in football history. There are four leading football teams in Rio De Janeiro, a location which has developed a few of the best athletes across the world, including the left back for perhaps the best football club in Europe. With one of the biggest budgets in world football, the Real Madrid owners are more than capable of pulling in the largest talents in the world, including Brazilian football players.

There are a selection of football teams that share a ground with another club, and this article will look at some of them. In the fashion capital of Italy, there are 2 of the biggest football teams in Europe. While these clubs may not have won the native title in quite a few years, their history and trophy list are hugely staggering. The recently brand-new AC Milan owner will hope that, with funding, the club can overcome their opponents on the blue side of the town. The arena they share, the San Siro, is one of the greatest football arenas across the world, popular for its steep stands and daunting atmosphere. The Milan derby is definitely one of the greatest derbies in world football, and it is one of the fieriest in football history. As the teams were previously one, and then split off into two over a disagreement, it suggests the competitiveness between them is amplified. The teams separated as a result of a disagreement over including overseas footballers.

The rivalry amongst local teams is always impressive, nevertheless when they share a ground it is even more so. By sharing a ground, it means that the derby games are separated similarly in terms of fan attendance, which in turn means a tremendous atmosphere. There are football teams that share a stadium in the Italian capital, at the Stadio Olimpico. The competition in between the Italian owner of Lazio and their city rivals is about the most well-known in Italy. The Stadio Olimpico holds an remarkable 70,634 people, therefore on derby days the sound from the stadium is immense. Italy has one of the greatest numbers of football clubs that share grounds, with five, and all these teams are relatively important as well. Italy is distinct in that some of its most popular clubs share stadiums, which usually doesn’t take place anywhere else across the world. In England for example, no teams in the top division share arenas and neither do they in Spain. The unique scenario Italy has means the atmospheres at some of their matches are more intense than anyplace else in the world.

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